Structural Design Posters

Class: History of Graphic Design
Year: 2021


History of Graphic Design was mainly a lecture based class but the final project for the class was to make 3 posters based off of structural design from designers we studied in the past. The three designers I was inspired by were Mark Newson, Tom Dixon, and Carsten Holler. I grabbed elements from their artwork and connected it with fun illustrations. Mark Newson’s design was a cabinet shaped like a honeycomb and web that I connected to entangled hands. Tom Dixon’s design was a chair made out of very thin metal wire that I implemented on a deer’s antlers. Lastly, Carsten Holler’s design was upside down mushrooms in a room which I decided to make an upside down tree that sort of resembles a brain which is on the left here. It was very fun to connect existing design to my own for an art history class.