About me

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Personal Trainer

Heyo, my name is Parker Sutton but many people know me as Spark Dizzy. I’m 23 years old and am finishing up my last year at Pacific Union College as a BFA in Graphic Design. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed doing doodles during class and was inspired mainly by video games. I wanted to go into digital art so I could end up doing character design, but I started to take a liking to graphic design. Another of my passions is fitness and exercise. I’m currently working to get my personal training certification and hope to do art as well as personal training. I find that I enjoy connecting with my client with both personal training and graphic design. It’s really nice to hear their feedback and when their eyes light up when they're satisfied with what I’ve done. I hope you enjoy(ed) looking through my portfolio and prepare to see me as the next Picasso and Dwayne the Rock Johnson combined.