Pointillism: League Characters

Class: Junior Studio I
Year: 2021


Junior Studio I was the first class that us graphic design students, got to choose the project we worked on. I immediately wanted to do a project that was related to my favorite game: League of Legends. Making my own skins felt unrealistic for the 12 week time frame we had on top of the other classes I had so I needed to take a step back and think. I redrew some of my favorite characters from the game and thought it’d be cool to illustrate them in a unique way. The ideas that came to mind were Realism, Pointillism, and Surrealism. I ended up choosing Pointillism because that made the most sense to me and thought it’d be a fun challenge. I ended up choosing some of the Yordles from the game because they are cute and are less work! Overall I’m happy with how these turned out even thought the process was quite tedious.